Angles to Close Health Care Clinic March 31

Angles will close its Reproductive Health Care Clinic doors for good on March 31, 2017. The Clinic, which first opened in the basement of the Josselyn Center in the spring of 1973, moved to its current location in 1986 when the organization purchased the building at 1779 Maple Street in Northfield.

“When we opened our Clinic in the early 70s, there were very few options for teens who needed confidential counseling, birth control, pregnancy testing, gynecological exams and/or testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections”, said the Clinic’s Medical Director, Loren Hutter, MD. “Now, over 40 years later, the landscape and options for our young population has changed dramatically. Our Clinic volume has been gradually declining over the last five years and much of that is due to greater numbers of insured young people who can obtain these services as covered preventative care. While the difficult decision to close the Clinic is truly bittersweet, we recognize that the ultimate goal of a nonprofit is to see its mission fulfilled and the need for its services to become obsolete. We are pleased to see teen pregnancy rates in our community decrease to levels not seen in decades. Further, teens are delaying sexual activity and making better informed decisions regarding their sexuality.”

Angles’ Board President Kathleen-Lloyd Jones, MD, agrees, “we consider this initiative to be a success story, not a failure. We set out to make a difference more than four decades ago and we have indeed accomplished our goal. We have served thousands of young women and men and truly made a difference in many of their lives. We continue to help teens address these complex issues through our very successful Health Education Program and its concomitant workshops.”

Dr. Hutter added, “our Clinic was such a success because of the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. In my 32 years with the organization, hundreds of support staff, nurses, midwives, and physicians made Angles a safe and caring place for our community’s youth. We owe them a heartfelt thanks.”

Because the Clinic operates on a confidential basis, current and past clients cannot be notified of the Clinic’s closing by postal or electronic mail. Requests for medical records along with a comprehensive list of alternative clinic resources will be available in the Angles office, on our website, or by calling 847-441-6191.

Angles’ Health Education Program and Pride Youth Program will continue their operations and programming as usual.