Education for Adults

Parent Workshops

Presented in a panel or roundtable format, topics are determined by the needs and interests of each individual group but always include information about adolescent health and sexuality. Great for PTOs, informal parent groups, faith communities, and more! Contact us at or 847.441.6191 x3 for more information.

Adult Allies: Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

Designed for parents, teachers, therapists, and other adults who want to support youth, this program provides an overview of gender and sexual identity, as well as the specific challenges experienced by young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ), or those who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity. This workshop provides information about youth identity development, different sexual and gender identities, and the negative effects of discrimination as well as opportunities to practice strategies to support LGBTQ+ young people. Contact Lizzy Appleby at or 847.441.6191 x3 for more information.